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Laneway is a 17-year-old sassy TB mare.   Foaled in 2004 in Ontario for racing purposes, she had 9 starts, winning just $21,600 before retiring in 2009.   We met Laneway in 2010 and purchased her in 2012.  Emily spent countless hours alone and with trainers transitioning her to the hunter/jumper rings.  We spent fun summers at local schooling shows (sometimes only bringing home the “good try” stickers) and eventually moving up to the Trillium Series.  In 2015, this duo came in 9th overall in the modified adults – Central West Zone.  Emily has learnt perseverance, patience, and to never give up.  In 2016, Laneway suffered a paddock injury and ended the year with a game-changing/career-ending illness called cellulitis.  Laneway is now retired.  At Liv Stables, Laneway gets everything she could ever need and want, spending full days on lush green paddocks and her nights filled with grooming, treats and light rides.  Not a bad life. 

Laneway is one of a kind with a well-defined personality, a true mare.  She has a clear sense of personal space and would request that any human remember this.  She has never appreciated “more leg”.  Laneway can be frustrating and stubborn, and even scary sometimes, but she can also be extremely smart and loving on her terms.  She is tough and has survived.  We are very proud and thankful for all she has given us over the years.  We will always be her advocate and voice until the day she dies.  She is and will always be our forever heart horse.

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