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Full of energy and dedication to her task, LIV is the reason behind our mission to provide the very best in horse care, coaching, development and happy horse retirement.


Ribbons Won


Years Competing

3-Year Transformation

Since purchasing the property in 2018, we always had a vision to create a unique facility dedicate to the finist care of horses, especially those entering their final years.

LIV Services

dedicated to providing the finest care to your horse

Contact us to discuss your horses individual needs so we can customize a program for them that fits your needs and budget

Horse Board

Comfortable boarding for any age horse, in or out.

Health Checks

Hoof cleaning, health checks and more are provided at LIV


Top quality hay feedings with additional nutrition plans available.

Expert Advice

From vets, to farriers or coaches. Our close network of experts is here

Why Choose LIV ?

Individual care with attention to details

Our property is suited for those looking for a quite high-end barn that looks after your horse with the highest standards and attention to details

Luxury Indoor Stalls
Dirt Paddocks
Riding Rings

Hoven Valley

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