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Premium Horse Boarding Facility

Discover what lIV Offers

LIV is a private horse boarding facility that caters to each boarder and the needs of their horse.

12 x 12 Stalls

Featuring stable comfort flooring and premium wood shavings. Cleaned Daily

Open Tack Area

Large tack areas with granite counters and storage for all your things

Custom Tack Lockers

Our large custom tack lockers make organizaton a breeze.

Private Horse Boarding

Dream Living Space Setting New Standards

Our insulated barn has twelve 12X12 comfort mat stalls each with a window and ventilation fan. We have closed motor fans placed strategically around the barn to help keep the horses cool on the hot summer afternoons and a heater on a thermostat during winter months for horse and human comfort. The thermostat is set to 3 degrees to keep the water and pipes from freezing.
The aisleway has 2 tack up crosstie areas both with Solaria heaters for horse comfort for both pre and post rides. Our indoor wash stall has both hot and cold water available all year and features a larger Solaria heater. Each owner has use of a large individual tack locker in our heated tack room.
Our blanket room has both a window and a heater to help dry your seasonal blankets. Each horse has a blanket rack in this room and on their stall. We use various methods of fly control including fly bait, fly predators and good manure management practises. A large hay loft stores up to 1000 small square bales of quality hay. We source our hay locally or from our very own hay field.

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Grass Paddocks

6 grass paddocks for small group turnout

Water Posts

Automatic drinking posts in each paddock


Sun, rain, wind, snow or anything else.

Daily Turnout

Fresh Air. Lushious Grasses

Our 6 grass paddocks allow for small group or individual all-day turnout during dry weather. The paddocks are lined with System Fencing Flex Fence or electro-braid fencing. Diligent pasture management and rotation practices help to provide luscious healthy grass throughout the year.

When the weather isn’t ideal for grass paddock days we use our 7 all weather paddocks for groups of 2 or individual all day turnout. These paddocks have been resurfaced to remove all mud and the same diligent pasture management practises are used.

Once the ground has frozen over in the winter our group turnout horses get to enjoy the larger grass paddocks that have shelters. All of our paddocks that are used in the winter have heated water and all troughs are supplied water using our frost free hydrants. Troughs are skimmed regularly and scrubbed as needed.

Riding Arenas

Premium Footing

Fiber mix footings for dust free and soft riding


Harrowed and cleaned regularily all year

Custom Tack Lockers

Our large custom tack lockers make organizaton a breeze.

Get out and ride

All-season horse riding

Our 70ft x 144ft indoor dome arena boasts dust free footing from Footing First delivered from the Royal Winter Fair in 2018. It is lit with bright LED lights,  it is airy and is equipped with dressage letters. The ring is harrowed regularly for ideal riding conditions and is located just 15ft from the barn.

Our outdoor riding arena is a 100 X 200 sand fiber mix with a laser levelled screenings base for optimal drainage. Our dressage letters and fencing from System Equine is set up during the outdoor riding season which easily conversts the sand ring to a large dressage ring ready for practise.

A small outdoor lunging area with our sand fiber mix is available for use when the riding areas are busy. It also has a laser levelled screenings base.

All riding and lunging areas are kept tidy, manure free and harrowed regularly.

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