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15 Must-Ask Questions for Finding the Perfect Horse Boarding Facility

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If you are the proud owner of a much-loved horse, selecting a boarding facility that is suitable for your horse should be a high priority. When looking for a new facility to board your horse, here is a list of the 15 most important questions you should ask potential candidates:

  • What kinds of stalling accommodations do you have available?
  • How frequently are the stalls cleaned, and how frequently is the bedding changed?
  • What kind of food do you provide them, and how frequently do you give it to them?
  • I would like to bring my own feed and vitamins, is that possible?
  • How frequently, and for how long, are the horses allowed to be turned out?
  • What kinds of turnout customizations are available through your company?
  • What kind of footing do you have in the riding places that you offer?
  • What kinds of amenities do you have available, such as a round pen, an indoor arena, or trails?
  • Is there access to a farrier or a veterinarian who practices on the premises?
  • What is your company’s position on using blankets and face masks?
  • What kinds of safety precautions have you taken to make sure the horses are always kept in a secure environment?
  • How do you manage unexpected medical problems or situations if they arise?
  • I was wondering if there were any other services, like as grooming, blanketing, or parking for trailers, that you offered.
  • How much does it cost to board a ship, and what amenities come included with that fee?
  • What kind of a contract or agreement do you often utilize, and are there any particular guidelines or restrictions that I ought to be aware of?

    If you ask these questions, you may better determine whether or not the facility will satisfy your needs as well as the needs of your horse. In order to get a feel for the general vibe and the level of care that is provided, you should definitely take a tour of the facility and watch the staff as well as the horses.

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