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Ontario Horse Boarding 101: Frequently Asked Questions

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What exactly is horse boarding?
Horse boarding occurs when a horse’s owner contracts with a third party to provide a stable living situation for their equine. This may involve providing a stall, food, and water.

What amenities does horse boarding offer?
Feeding, stall cleaning, daily turnout, and use of riding arenas are common boarding services, but these may or may not be included depending on the facility.

If you board horses, what options do you have?
We provide comprehensive equine boarding, which includes feeding and caring for your horse every day. Pasture board includes use of a large pasture for grazing and exercise, and is available from us.

What kind of stables are there to choose from?
We offer 12×12 stalls with comfortable mats, water buckets, stall feeders, 24/7 cameras and daily cleaning.

Does the facility have a full-time employee?
To answer your question, we do have staff on-site around-the-clock to look out for your horse’s best interests.

What kind of riding areas are there, if any?
Both an indoor arena and an outdoor riding area are available to boarders.

I was wondering what kind of food you guys supply.
If you need hay or grain for your horse, we have you covered there as well. For horses that have unique nutritional requirements, we also provide individualised feeding plans for an extra fee

What about bringing my own food and medicine, is that okay?
Sure, feel free to bring your horse’s regular food and any necessary supplements. If you let us know, we can tailor your horse’s diet to his specific needs.

Where can I find a veterinarian close by?
Local farriers and veterinarians are on our team. It is possible to have on-site veterinary services provided by us.

How much does horse boarding cost on a monthly basis?
Our monthly horse boarding rates are flexible based on the number of horses, type of stabling, and level of care needed. If you would like a quote that is specific to your needs, please get in touch with us.

We’re hoping you found the information here to be useful. We encourage you to get in touch with us if you have any further inquiries or would like to arrange a tour of our premises.

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